Parents Guide: View content advisory edit, details, country: Switzerland, france, poland, language: Polish.See more »"s Karol Karol : to the man who wanted help committing suicide That was a blank.The noun in this sense white man, person of a race distinguished by light complexion is from 1670s.

Old English hwit "bright, radiant; clear, fair also as a noun (see separate entry from Proto-Germanic *hweit- (source also of Old Saxon and Old Frisian hwit, Old Norse hvitr, Dutch wit, Old High German hwiz, German weiß, Gothic hveits from PIE *kweid-o-, suffixed form.White way "brightly illuminated street in a big city" is from 1908.

White water "river rapids" is recorded from 1580s.White lie is attested from 1741.Slang sense of "honorable, fair" is 1877, American English.