To put out of mind; reject: We can throw out that scheme.A scarf, boa, shawl, or the like.const zipcode_invalid -1; const zipcode_unknown_error -2; function verifyZipCode(z) try z new ZipCode(z catch (e) if (e instanceof ZipCodeFormatException) return zipcode_invalid; else return zipcode_unknown_error; return z; a verifyZipCode(95060 / returns 95060 b verifyZipCode(9560 / returns -1 c verifyZipCode a / returns -1 d verifyZipCode 95060.

Marion Crawford The devi filled his mouth, tore off the flesh, and threw the bones to the three brothers.Throw over, to forsake; abandon: She threw over her first husband for another man.

To abandon: threw over her boyfriend of four years; threw over the company they themselves had founded.We have fleece with iconic brands like Harley Davidson, Angry Birds, Mickey Mouse, Spider-Man and more.To move (a lever or the like) in order to activate, turn on, disconnect, etc., an apparatus or mechanism: to throw the switch.