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They managed to use extant music from the lesser known operas to fit for their 20th century production.(which is also where we get the word thespian, meaning actor)  In his first performance as an actor, Thespis supposedly took the stage wearing a mask and portraying the god Dionysus, which was considered by many to be blasphemous.Among other things, Thespis is also traditionally credited with winning the first ever Best Tragedy competition in Athens. .

This Day In History : November 23, 534 BC, november 23 marks the traditional date when the first ever human being to take the stage and portray someone else other than himself took place. .Orpheus in the Underworld (1858) had come to London in a première English translation in 1865-6;  it played fairly frequently thereafter.He is also credited with inventing Greek Tragedy, but it is more likely, if anything, he just changed it from its previous storytelling, choral form to the individual actor form which sometimes included a backing choir and sometimes not.