Tata, Morocco, a city in, tata, province, tata, province, Morocco âa River, a tributary of the Ialomia River in Romania.Pronunciation edit Noun edit tata m pers ( informal ) dad Declension edit Synonyms edit Further reading edit tata in Polish dictionaries at PWN Quechua edit Noun edit tata mister father Derived terms edit Serbo-Croatian edit Etymology edit From Proto-Slavic * tata.Tetley, make tea-times extra special; choose from a range of premium Tetley teas.

Noun edit tata m ( plural tatas ) ( colloquial ) daddy, a term used by children for their father Etymology 2 edit From Spanish teta.Tata (born 1936 American actor Jordan Tata (born 1981 American baseball player Sam Tata (19112005 Canadian photographer Terry Tata (born 1940 American baseball umpire Tony Tata, US Army general and politician Given name or nickname edit Augusto Pinochet (19152006 Chilean dictator, commonly referred.

Tata (1904-1989 industrialist, recipient of Padma Bhushan Ratan Naval Tata (born 1940 chairman of the Tata Group (1991-2012) Simone Tata (born 1930 chairperson of Trent Noel Tata (born 1957 vice-chairman of Trent Ltd and managing director of Tata International, son of Simone Tata Bob Tata.Website model of Interest email Id captcha.