The Village Rector Honore de Balzac But the strong arm of the law was apparently under its pillow in delicious slumber.Related content, related words firm, heavy, vigorous, secure, tough, capable, solid, big, forceful, able, steady, tenacious, athletic, substantial, stable, active, robust, durable, energetic, steadfast Nearby words stromatic, stromatolite, stromboli, strombolian, stromuhr, strong accumulation point, strong breeze, strong derived set, strong drink, strong force Idioms come.To behave in an aggressive, ardent, or flamboyant manner: When you're interviewed for the job, don't come on too strong.

Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.Origin of strong before 900; (adj.) Middle English strang, strong, Old English; cognate with Middle Dutch stranc, Old Norse strangr; (adv.) Middle English strange, stronge, Old English; cognate with Old High German strango; akin to string synonyms FOR strong.

Strenuous or energetic; vigorous: strong efforts.Very noticeable; very intense.