Meet the brands, tasteful Options.Getting to help our customers across the foodservice industry by providing both quality products and smart business solutions.Trifolium procumbens, a small, yellow-flowered clover: the national emblem of Ireland.

Lets dig in, serving up success in the west.Shamrock (æmrk) n (Plants) a plant having leaves divided into three leaflets, variously identified as the wood sorrel, red clover, white clover, and black medick: the national emblem of Ireland.

Veteran Opportunities, at Shamrock Foods Company we understand the unique skills and attributes you bring to the workplace from the Armed Forces.Our team of seasoned professionals is ready to help you choose the right products for your business, and put our deep knowledge of the industry to work for you.Whether you are recently entering the civilian workforce or have been out of the military for many years, we value your contribution to our country.