Bianjiang Liu; Jie Li; Pengchao Li; Jiexiu Zhang; Ninghong Song; Zengjun Wang; Changjun Yin (February 2014)."Anatomy of the Male Reproductive System".

Of smen seed, semen seminally, adv.10 Disorders of the seminal vesicles include seminal vesiculitis, acquired cysts, abscess, congenital anomalies (such as agenesis, hypoplasia and cysts amyloidosis, tuberculosis, schistosomiasis, hydatid cyst, calculi (stones) and tumours.From Cambridge English Corpus The male reproductive system was distinguished by the presence of testicular lobes, gynaecophoric canal and seminal vesicle (fig.

High magnification micrograph of seminal vesicle.1e) when compared to that observed in female controls (fig.