For people who do not have the use of their hands, there are specially designed foot-operated scissors.We all use scissor or shears daily or often, but to get the most out of your scissors you need the right pair for the right task.(Wrestling) a wrestling hold in which a wrestler wraps his legs round his opponent's body or head, locks his feet together, and squeezes.

Human hands are also asymmetric, and when closing, the thumb and fingers do not close vertically, but have a lateral component to the motion.Of csrium, cutting instrument, from Latin caesus, -csus, past participle of caedere, to cut ; see ka-id- in, indo-European roots.

Scissored, scissoring, scissors, to cut or clip with scissors or shears.Generally shorter in length (5 blades are typical with thicker blades that feature precision-ground knife-edges which cut all the way to the tip.