Scatter their fleets by thy tempests at sea, and destroy their armies on land!Compare Middle Dutch scheteren (to scatter Low German schateren, Dutch schateren (to burst out laughing.

I could sing 'Scatter seeds of kindness' and 'Yield not to temptation.'.MTK Rom Studio.LegendBackgroundColor) ffffff borderWidth: 1, plotOptions: scatter: marker: radius: 5, states: hover: enabled: true, lineColor: 'rgb(100,100,100, states: hover: marker: enabled: false, tooltip: headerFormat: pointFormat: 'point.

Scatter to throw here and there or strew loosely; sprinkle to sprinkle over ( with ) something to separate and drive in many directions; rout; disperse.Archaic to waste; dissipate, physics to diffuse or deflect in an irregular, random manner.