See sal, -ary, related formssalaryless, adjective, can be confusedsalary celery salary wages, synonyms for salary.Related Words for salary wage, fee, pay, stipend, earnings, income, payroll, hire, scale, bacon, emolument, recompense, take, wages, bread, remuneration Examples from the Web for salary Contemporary Examples of salary They will still receive a salary if something is to happen to Ziad, but she.

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Other common alternative models of work included self- or co-operative employment, as with masters in artisan guilds, who often had salaried assistants, or corporate work and ownership, as with medieval universities and monasteries."Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2012" (PDF).Although men and women are equally likely to initiate in a salary negotiation with employers, men will achieve higher outcomes than women by about 2 of starting salary 35 Studies have indicated that men tend to use active negotiation tactics of directly asking for.

38 Regardless of the cause, the outcome yields a disparity between men and women that contributes to the overall wage gap observed in many nations.13 Share in earnings edit In corporations of this time, such as the several East India Companies, many managers would have been remunerated as owner- shareholders.