Archived from the original on Retrieved Todd, Robert.; Allen, Dell.; Alting, Leo (1994 Manufacturing Processes Reference Guide, Industrial Press Inc.,. .Due to the strict relationship between shape and flatness, these terms can be used in an interchangeable manner.

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To move or be moved on wheels, as a vehicle or its occupants.Thin cake spread with jelly or the like and rolled.A rolling mill, also known as a reduction mill or mill, has a common construction independent of the specific type of rolling being performed: 27 Rolling mills Rolling mill for cold rolling metal sheet like this piece of brass sheet Work rolls Backup rolls.

By definition, there is no sliding when the instantaneous velocity of the rolling object in all the points in which it contacts the surface is the same as that of the surface; in particular, for a reference plane in which the rolling surface.The total number of pips or points made by a single cast; score or point.Citation needed Hot and cold rolling edit Hot rolling edit A coil of hot-rolled steel See also: Hot working Hot rolling is a metalworking process that occurs above the recrystallization temperature of the material.