45 The eighteenth century English entrepreneurs, Josiah Wedgewood and Matthew Boulton, both staged expansive showcases of their wares in their private residences or in rented halls.3 Bintliff,., "Going to Market in Antiquity In Stuttgarter Kolloquium zur Historischen Geographie des Altertums, Eckart Olshausen and Holger Sonnabend (eds Stuttgart, Franz Steiner, 2002,.Goods are piled on pallets or steel shelves.

Door-to-door sales, where the salesperson sometimes travels with the goods for sale.94 Value-based pricing : (also known as image-based pricing ) occurs where the company uses prices to signal market value or associates price with the desired value position in the mind of the buyer.

A 2012 Deloitte report published in stores magazine indicated that of the world's top 250 largest retailers by retail sales revenue in fiscal year 2010, 32 of those retailers were based in the United States, and those 32 accounted for 41 of the total retail.10 The Roman forum was arguably the earliest example of a permanent retail shop-front.In a highly competitive market, the retail strategy sets up long-term sustainability.