Account for sth vi prep (justify) responder por vtr prep dar cuenta de We were asked to account for our actions.Barter for sth vi prep (haggle) regatear el precio de loc verb prep regatear Fiona bartered for a hand-woven blanket.Bargain for sth informal (expect to get) prever, contemplar When I married my wife, I hadn't bargained for the fact that her mother would also come to live with.

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in the program have the option to choose an emphasis area of Clinical Forensic Psychology, Ecosystemic Child Psychology, and Health Psychology to develop a focused subject of expertise. Founded

Acknowledge sb, acknowledge sb for sth (thank sb for) agradecer The president acknowledged her contributions in a ceremony.Atone for sth vi prep (make amends for) expiar reparar Christians believe that Jesus atoned for our sins.Be careful what you wish for.

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