Old man "man who has lived long" is from.1200; sense of "husband, father, boss" is from 1854, earlier (1830) it was military slang for "commanding officer old lady "wife, mother" is attested from.1775.2019 Examples from the Web for old Contemporary Examples of old So here I am in my requisite Lululemon pants, grunting along to an old hip-hop song at a most ungodly hour.Noun (used with a plural verb) old persons collectively (usually preceded by the appropriations to care for the old.

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Stornieren deiner Reparatur ist ein Fehler aufgetreten. Feel free to download, share, comment and discuss every wallpaper you like. It's all just so very cool. ( transitive, intransitive )

Indeed, although he works here in the old town, he lives in the new part of the city where he walks his dog in the morning.Deteriorated through age or long use; worn, decayed, or dilapidated: old clothes.

First record of old-timer is from 1860.Of or relating to the latter part of the life or term of existence of a person or thing: old age.