Too much yerba will result in a "short" mate; conversely, too little yerba results in a "long" mate, both being considered undesirable.Bottled mate is increasingly available in the United States.WordReference English-Italiano Dictionary 2019: Compound Forms/Forme composte mat board (US mount board (UK) (heavy cardstock for mounting) ( cornice ) passepartout nm matte box (device: shades a camera lens) ( cinema ) mascherino.

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Drinking mate is a common social practice in parts of Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and eastern Bolivia.Therefore, the scientific name of the yerba mate is Ilex paraguariensis.

1 In Brazil, traditionally prepared mate is known as chimarro, although the word mate and the expression " mate amargo " (bitter mate) are also used in Argentina and Uruguay.The gourd is traditionally made out of the porongo or cabaça fruit shell.The submerged end is flared, with small holes or slots that allow the brewed liquid in, but block the chunky matter that makes up much of the mixture.