He was the mastermind behind the scheme.It swam round the boat until its master, leaning over the bow, caught the animal by its short stump of a tail.The Professor is a natural master at explaining, with great clarity, highly complex issues without losing the viewer.

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the work into small chunks. Consider using a citation management software such as EndNote, Mendeley, or Zotero. How does hosting the Olympic games affect a country? To create

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studying books of pedagogy, reading teachers journals, attending teachers institutes, etc., yet the root of the matter is not in them, unless they continue to be students of

His handling of the situation was masterly.What the plaintiffs did then was to sue the purchasers of the indigo, which had been sold by the master of the ship, for the balance.Whenever a machine becomes master, it takes over the virtual server address and continues with its original.

I'm a master of disguise Both have great natural charisma and both are masters at telling a story in the ring.His technique of completely mastering a topic before drawing it allowed for this high level of demonstrative skill.