Lounges, fastTrack, shopping, airport Hotels, car Hire, book Flights.Much of the inner city, especially in the south, is flat, offering extensive views from many highrise buildings in the city of the foothills and moors of the Pennines, which can often be capped with snow in the winter months.

207 208 Manchester was one of the BBC 's three main centres in England.Top Stories at Manchester, vice President Lea.152 Brass band music, a tradition in the north of England, is an important part of Manchester's musical heritage; 153 some of the UK's leading bands, such as the CWS Manchester Band and the Fairey Band, are from Manchester and surrounding areas, and the Whit.

20 21 A map of Manchester. .89 There is also a well-established Chinatown in the city with a substantial number of oriental restaurants and Chinese supermarkets.