A lot of needling went on just about constantly, but it was the making of you in a strange way.A nice day weather-wise is always the makings of the event.He faces a dilemma substantially of his own making If you make a mistake, you apologise.

Making of paper phone

caution when completing this step). Have you ever noticed how things sound different underwater? The smaller bend, the one with the small curve, would act as the 'Base' of

The army or navy can be the making of them, he says.We appear caught in a new type of security dilemma of our own making.

View synonyms 2 makings, the essential qualities needed for something.They research for biographical, theoretical and historical points of decision makings and portray an unusual life between philosophy and revolt.Our offer was accepted this morning and there is no chain in either direction, so fingers crossed, it has the makings of a smooth operation.