Machine age is attested by 1851: The idea of remodelling society at public meetings is one of the least reasonable which ever entered the mind of an agitator: and the notion that the relations of the sexes can be re-arranged and finally disposed.They were the machine gun bullets coming from the ambush when my company got hit.Old Church Slavonic mogo "be able Old English mæg "I can see may (v.).

Machineries, machines or machine parts considered as a group.Test Your Vocabulary, words from Greek and Roman Mythology Quiz.

Take THE quiz, test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way.Show More, origin of machine 154050; French Latin mchina Doric Greek mchan pulley, akin to mâchos contrivance;.Slang the word was used for both "penis" and "vagina one of the few so honored.