They just looked straight through her, pretending not to see her.Fen looked her up and down consideringly before answering One of the gang members looked Jones up and down as he walked over.Warned Billie, seeing a movement from the room beyond As she lived and worked in the rainforest of Ecuador, she had to look out for poisonous snakes, insects and plants.

Since the Defendants are looking to Lloyd's to provide coverage for the claims made, it is necessary to examine the statement of claim.Perhaps you would like a closer look?

During the day, if they wish, they can have a closer look behind the stage on one of the regular tours that take place.Improve, show improvement, get better, pick up, advance, develop, come along, come on, progress, make progress, make headway, shape up, perk up, rally, take a turn for the better View synonyms look someone up Make social contact with someone.