Vult, or Curia advisari vult, caveat, caveator, certificate of incorporation ( Company law chamber counsel or counsellor, chambers, certification, certiorari, cessor, cessionary, challenge, challenge to the array, challenge to the polls, champerty, chance-medley, chancery, change of venue, charge, chargeable, cheat, chief justice, chose, circuit (.extinguish, extraditable, extradite, extrajudicial, eyre ( English legal history fact, factor ( Commercial law false imprisonment, Family Division, felo de se, feme, feme covert, feme sole, fiction, fideicommissary ( Civil law fideicommissum ( Civil law fiduciary or fiducial, fieri facias, file, filiate, filiation, find, finding.

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The law is treated in a number of articles.We get good people to restrain bad laws".K.Law release, relief, remand, remise, remission, remit, repetition ( Civil law replevin, replevy, replication, reply, report, reporter, representation ( Contract law reprieve, rescue, reservation, res gestae, residuary, residue, res ipsa loquitur, res judicata or res adjudicata, resolutive, respondent, rest, restitution, restrictive covenant, retain, retry, return.

sole, solemnity, solicitor, solution, sound, sound in, special case, special pleading, specialty, specific performance, spinster, spoliation, squat, stale, stand by ( English law stand down, statement, statement of claim, state's evidence (.S.For a description of the legal aspects of war and the military, see war, law.distribution, distringas, disturbance, dividend, divorce from bed and board (.S.