From, wikipedia There are 1,755 full-time instructional faculty members and 1,035 part-time faculty.Synonyms of instructional educational, educative, enlightening, illuminating, informational, informative, informatory, instructive, words Related to instructional comprehensive, copious, detailed, full communicatory, edifying, elucidative, explanatory chatty, gossipy, newsy availing, beneficial, constructive, helpful, profitable practical, serviceable, usable (also useable useful, worthwhile Near Antonyms of instructional Antonyms of instructional).

From, wikipedia, the library also offers regular adult, teen, and children's programs, as well as regular instructional computer classes.From Wikipedia He has also created a half dozen instructional videos that are widely respected for their clarity and breadth.Later on in the day the Battalion was ordered forward for an instructional spell in the front trenches.

I cover only documentaries, nonfiction, reality-based series, and some instructional how-to.The answer house had been set up as an instructional device.