I am an outlaw, and get my living by hook and by crook in a manner it boots not now to tell.Hart began to work on a new storyline when his son, Jake, showed his family a drawing.Spielberg brought on John Napier as a "visual consultant having been impressed with his work on Cats.

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good hook. If I were writing on this topic, my last sentence would probably say something along the lines of how it's not surprising that Harriet Tubman was called

A recurved and pointed organ or appendage of an animal or plant.Related: Hooked ; hooking.

A right hook (boxing).( slang ) A jack (the playing card ) ( typography, rare) a háček.2003, Language Issues xvxviii, page 36 Common diacritics in Slavonic language are the hook (as in ha č ek Czech for hook) and the stroke (robi ć Polish for do/make).