During the sack of Chup's capital, he is crushed by his own symbol of power, the statue 'Bezaban'.As a rule,.

Thesis for haroun

Source That Pertains to Haroun and the Sea of Stories. On another level, Rushdie is also commenting on the elusiveness of language. In this way, Rushdie suggests that

Most of the Earthly locations present in the book are located in the fictional nation of Alifbay, which is a combination of first two letters of the Arabic script based Urdu alphabet, Alif and Bay and therefore contains many places named after letters, such.It consists of a multitude of Pages.

Sengupta's obese, talkative, self-important, overwhelmingly emotional, generous wife, disappointed in her husband after he has eloped with Soraya.Such eyes are common to all Chupwalas, and are entirely blind in bright light.