Public Security is able to inconspicuously arrest all foreign agents on the scene, and after Shino publicizes the previous kidnapping attempts on live TV through her news reporter sister Nanami, the US, Chinese, and Russian leaders cancel the kidnapping operation." - staff cast - TV gate ".Meanwhile in the Imperial Capital, peace talks between Japan and the Empire officially begin, much to Zorzal's anger since the assassination attempt on Noriko and framing it on Pina have failed to derail.

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7 gate: Where the jsdf Fought - Volume.Originally, It began serialization online in 2006 on the user-generated novel publishing website Arcadia until it was acquired by publisher AlphaPolis in 2010.

21 "Deadline" Transcription: "Deddorain" ( Japanese : ) March 5, 2016  The Rose Knights manage to repel the Oprichnina and free Senator Casel, but this leads to an escalation of tension between Japan and the Empire.As the jsdf evacuate the refugees, Bozes and Beefeater attempt to rescue Pina from the Imperial Palace, but are forced to retreat with the evacuating jsdf due to the Imperial Army's numbers.