Application for amendment (law: request for change) demanda de modificación solicitud de modificación apply for sth vi prep (request formally) ( formal ) solicitar ( familiar ) pedir Thomas applied for a credit card.For (time: duration) por durante ( se puede omitir ) "-" hace She was gone for four hours.Authorize sb for sth, also UK: authorise sb for sth vtr prep (permit access) dar permiso a alguien para hacer algo autorizar a alguien a hacer algo Jack's boss authorized him for entry to the secured area.

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Este tren va para Londres.Argue for sth vi prep (give reasons in favour) pelear por vi prep argumentar que vi conj The school principal argued for more teachers at the last board meeting.In expr2, all expressions separated by a comma are evaluated but the result is taken from the last part.

That is, a value is assigned to the loop variable i and only if the while expression is true will the loop body be executed.ju dot nk at email dot cz 1 year ago Please note that following code is working: for (ireverse?(N-1 0; reverse?(i -1 i N reverse?