You can of course pick any letter of the alphabet other than.If you are using the FOR command at the command line rather than in a batch program, use just one percent sign: G instead.G H I J K L M Format letters are case sensitive, so using a capital letter is also a good way to avoid conflicts A rather than.

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Do.) when nesting commands choose a different letter for each part.FOR Parameters The first parameter has to be defined using a single character, for example the letter.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it - George Santayana Related: FOR - Loop through a set of files in one folder FOR /R - Loop through files (recurse subfolders) FOR /D - Loop through several folders FOR /L - Loop.These are automatically assigned in alphabetical order.(implicit parameter definition) If the parameter refers to a file, then enhanced variable reference can be used to extract the filename/path/date/size.