Strickland 5 : derivative sense 1, secondary sense 2a an extended sense of a word 6 of a typeface : having a wider face than that of a standard typeface.(Each core set was grouped with the block preceding.) When it was founded, Extended included the most recent three years of core sets and expansion sets (excluding Legends along with all promotional cards that were never printed in a set.

(June 18, 2010.) " June 18, 2010 DCI Banned Restricted List Announcement m, Wizards of the Coast.A b c d e f g h i j k Banned and Restricted changes, m a b c d e Wizards of the Coast.

4, it used typical, constructed rules for deck construction.(September 2, 1999.) Major Changes to the Banned/Restricted List - Extended Format Rotates Out 4 Sets!Though Wizards of the Coast no longer sanctions Extended, one core set and the three expansions preceding the core set make up one rotation "block".