Explore m Wild Weather Words You Need To Know The Most Searched Words Of 2018 On m Words You Didnt Know Were Inspired By Animals 12"s Book Lovers Can Relate To Not All Bad: 7 Ways Bad Can Be Good Can We Call Products.Bent on doing sth (be determined to do sth) essere deciso a fare qlcs, essere determinato a fare qlcs vi That cousin of yours is bent on doing as much damage as he can.

Social activities or a social event doing noun, performance of an act: a job not worth the doing.So Jim and me set to majestying him, and doing this and that and t'other for him, and standing up till he told us we might set down.

To make or prepare: I'll do the salad.To wear out; tire.Carry on doing sth (continue doing) continuare a fare qlcs, andare avanti a fare qlcs vi catch sb doing sth (discover unexpectedly) ( informale ) beccare qlcn a fare qlcs, pescare qlcn a fare qlcs vtr sorprendere qlcn a fare qlcs vtr Alice caught her boyfriend.