12w21a Dispensers have now been given the ability to shoot the liquids inside water and lava buckets.Dispensers placed facing down and.January 18, 2013 Dinnerbone has stated that dispensers will have more features in future, so players should stick to using droppers to dispense items.

(Unlike a dropper, a dispenser can't feed another container.) Other items will behave differently when dispensed: Dispenser Behavior Item Effect Armor Shield Equips on a player or armor stand within the block the dispenser is facing with empty appropriate armor slot (any armor, made from.The dispenser, under a continuous redstone current, will keep firing until a player destroys it or turns it off.An adjacent powered opaque block (for example, a block with an active redstone torch under it) a powered redstone repeater or redstone comparator facing the dispenser powered redstone dust configured to point at the dispenser, or on top of it, or a directionless "dot" next.

The empty bucket was part of a stack and all other slots in the dispenser are also full drops the filled bucket.These items include TNT, bone meal, flint and steel and armor.