At the same time, the pre-industrial economy was constrained by internal barriers or limits in demography, disease, soil, climate, energy, and technology.Rowland Demographic Methods and Concepts.Without baseline data on populations' disease status and how that may affect demography, it will be impossible to say whether or not increased effect of disease is likely to be a major concern.

A census helps provide much of this information, in addition to vital statistic records.While demographers who study migration typically do so through census data on place of residence, indirect sources of data including tax forms and labour force surveys are also important.Daniel Scott Smith is currently working on the social demography of the Northern military effort during the American Civil War.

Archived from the original on Retrieved "UC Berkeley Demography department website".21 Demography is today widely taught in many universities across the world, attracting students with initial training in social sciences, statistics or health studies.Dee, ISBxternal links edit Quick demography data lookup Demography at Curlie Historicalstatistics.