285 In 1995, David Fahey, of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in the United States, warned that a fleet of 500 supersonic aircraft with exhausts similar to Concorde might produce a 2 percent drop in global ozone levels, much higher than previously thought.The port nose wheel carries speed generators for the anti-skid braking system which prevents brake activation until nose and main wheels rotate at the same rate.

A total of 212,000 votes were cast with Concorde beating other British design icons such as the Mini, mini skirt, Jaguar E-Type, Tube map, the World Wide Web, K2 telephone box and the Supermarine Spitfire.113 In 1996, Air France briefly painted F-btsd in a predominantly blue livery, with the exception of the wings, in a promotional deal with Pepsi.

Operating economics Edit In 1984, Pan American accused the British Government of subsidising British Airways Concorde air fares, on which a return London-New York was 2,399 (7076 today compared to 1,986 (5858) with a subsonic first class return, and London-Washington return was 2,426 (7156) instead.142 The four main wheel tyres on each bogie unit are inflated to 232 lb/sq in (1,600 kPa).