Skin complexion of a particular people or ethnic group, especially when other than white: a person of color; people of color; a man of color; alumni of color; children of color.The Latin spelling color was occasionally used from the 15th century onward, mainly due to Latin influence; it was lemmatized by Webster 's American Dictionary of the English Language (1828 along with favor, honor, etc., and is currently the standard US spelling.

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be achieved by an examination. 16 This differed from the MD in that the latter was, a vocational " professional degree " that trained students to apply or practice

Youll see other writers do it two waysthe one weve already used in this sentence, and another one colour.You can, for example, choose the spelling thats prevalent in the country youre fromif youre an American, use color.Online Etymology Dictionary, 2010 Douglas Harper Medicine definitions for color color klr.

Synonyms: color of ones skin, complexion, blee, ethnicity, race ( figuratively ) Interest, especially in a selective area.That portion of the visible electromagnetic spectrum specified in terms of wavelength, luminosity, and purity.( snooker ) Any of the colored balls excluding the reds.