Emergency Situations and Their Safety Measures.The suspension flows through the filter and the drum with the perforated wall from the inside to the outside.Depending on sample, compatible rotors should be used.

Industrial scale centrifuges are commonly used in manufacturing and waste processing to sediment suspended solids, or to separate immiscible liquids.11 12 Non-Human centrifuge At the European Space Agency (ESA) technology center estec (in Noordwijk, the Netherlands) an 8-meter diameter centrifuge is used to expose samples in both fields of Life Sciences as well as Physical Sciences.Maintenance of the Centrifuge note: The body of the centrifuge is usually made from metals that can corrode in the presence of moisture, chemicals, or strong cleaning agents.

This article is about the scientific device.If the power button is malfunctioning, then the user should remove the main power plug from the wall socket.