Jason Johnson (December 9, 1981 - May 19, 2003 also known as "Camoflauge was an American rapper.Not to be confused with, camouflage.

1 (2001) Keepin It Real (2002) Mixtapes edit Underground Savannah (2000) Home of the True Emcees - Tribute to Jason "Camoflauge" Johnson (2006) The Camoflauge Collective (R.I.P) (2012) Still I Represent (2011) Guest appearances edit Dulaa "Pure Pain" Komplex Feelings DJ B-Lord "Bout My Money".Kam-uh-flahzh / kæm fl / noun the act, means, or result of obscuring things to deceive an enemy, as by painting or screening objects so that they are lost to view in the background, or by making up objects that from a distance have the appearance.Tape Jockey Tom Leahy The art of concealment or camouflage is one of the newest and most highly developed techniques of modern warfare.

Hereafter one word, a French word, will save all this needless writing and reading.French, from camoufler, to disguise, alteration (influenced by camouflet, snub, smoke blown in one's face ) of Italian camuffare.See Synonyms at disguise.