Start your free trial.Possibly from Old French embuie "one fettered from Vulgar Latin *imboiare, from Latin boia "leg iron, yoke, leather collar from Greek boeiai dorai "ox hides." (Words for " boy " double as "servant, attendant" across the Indo-European map -.g.Exclamation oh, boy attested from 1892.

García and his boys in the national team García y sus muchachos del equipo nacional he's out with the boys ha salido con los amigos he's one of the boys now ahora es un personaje the boys in blue ( Brit ) la policía see.Boy n niño, muchacho, chico.See more » Crazy Credits The credits start with the names and roles of the three main actors and this is followed by a spoof of Michael Jackson's "Thriller incorporating elements of the original dance (as seen on the music video) and Maori Hakas.

Italian ragazzo, French garçon, Greek pais, Middle English knave, Old Church Slavonic otroku - and often it is difficult to say which meaning came first.).See more » Connections References tron (1982) See more » Soundtracks Poi E Written by Dalvanius Prime (as M Prime) and Ngoi Pewhairangi (as N Pewhairangi) Control Performed by Patea Maori Club Courtesy of Jayrem Records See more » Getting Started Contributor Zone » Contribute.This is where the goat enters.