The science of plants; the branch of biology that deals with plant life.Botany Bay so called by Capt.

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and Chemistry Related to Pheromone of Indian Porcupine and Leopard Dept. Workshop on Chromatography: A technique for analysis of biomolecules from natural resources and agricultural crops, sponsored by

Additionally, he did work in physiology, which was already a topic of considerable interest in the first decades of the century and would come to dominate morphology in botanical concerns by the end of the nineteenth century.Halloween Read: Thomas Brownes Eerie Premonition of His Burial Stefan BeckOctober 30, 2012 daily beast And she has amassed a world-class 10,000-volume library devoted to botany through the ages.

Unknown Muscologist, one skilled in muscology; Muscology, the part of botany which treats of mosses; Muscosity, mossiness.While Torrey went on to have a career that included work in medicine, geology, mineralogy, and chemistry, he is primarily remembered for his botanical work, cataloging New York flora, collaborating with Asa Gray, creating a renowned herbarium, promoting government-financed expeditions, utilizingalbeit inconsistentlythe classification work.