The Masked Gorilla (January 20, 2014).During his childhood, he and his family moved to the small town of Howell, Michigan where he attended school.

There, he recorded most of his mixtapes and eventually met Xavier Wulf, Chris Travis, and Eddy Baker, people he eventually toured and performed with.Sisco Smoke Mix '94 «Living in '93» Grandmilly Bandanaz II «Graveyard Shift» Roy, Wierdough Beachside Goon «Gold Mine».K.LA Weekly (January 2014).

Hes known for his emo rap style of music, which is labeled as strictly his own, as well as the rapid rate he releases music (including 100 music videos and over 50 mixtapes his resistance to joining major record labels and charging money for his.He is one of the four members of the Seshollowaterboyz and has actively released music under several other aliases, such as: surrenderdorthy, oregontrail, and, ricky A.One «Everything» 2013.