Disillusioned with having to deal with a big record company, Vearncombe founded the independent label Nero Schwarz (which is the word "black" in Italian and in German, respectively and released one album Are We Having Fun Yet?SEE more synonyms FOR black Oelated forms blackish, adjectiveblackishly, adverbblackishness, nounnonblack, adjective, noun unblacked, adjectivewell-blacked, adjective Usage note 3,.

Idioms and Phrases with black black In addition to the idioms beginning with black black and blue black and white black as night black book black eye black hole black list black look black mark black out black sheep also see: dirty (black) look.As "dark spot in the pupil of the eye." The meaning "black person, African" is from 1620s (perhaps late 13c., and blackamoor is from 1540s).

Retrieved Select albums in the Format field.Describing someone as a person of color, however, is not offensive.