Baltic International Bank not only goes hand in hand with the newest trends in the banking industry, but even stays ahead of the trends by implementing new technologies and digital solutions that allow boost the value of the services,.Osis emphasizes.    There is no doubt that these trends will become even more pronounced in the nearest future.

Little dinosaurs.The key trait of this generation is the need to receive information and services immediately regardless of time and place.The willingness of people to learn new technologies in their workplace is also very high 68 of respondents would like to do that.

Viktors Bolbats: the Latvian banking business undergoes vast, actually unveiling and promising transformations.During the first phase of the project, the Bank will provide its employees with modern workplace premises.But reality is changing before our eyes, and in order to maintain and develop competitiveness, the banking industry must keep this in mind in its daily work and decision-making.