Adjective best superlative of good 1 : excelling all others the best student in the class 2 : most productive of good : offering or producing the greatest advantage, utility, or satisfaction What is the best thing to do?British Dictionary definitions for best best adjective the superlative of good most excellent of a particular group, category, etc most suitable, advantageous, desirable, attractive, etc the best part of most ofthe best part of an hour put one's best foot forward to do one's utmost.Read more, related words perfect, finest, tough, outstanding, leading, terrific, bad, first-rate, first, favorite, choice, beat, trounce, outclass, outshine, conquer, surpass, blank, outdo, overcome Idioms all for the best, for the good as the final result; to an ultimate advantage: At the time it was.

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Financially sound or safe: His credit is good.Any sunken or deep, enclosed space, as a shaft for air or light, stairs, or an elevator, extending vertically through the floors of a building.

Interjection (used as an expression of approval or satisfaction Good!When used after look or feel, good may refer to spirits as well as health: I'm feeling pretty good this morning, ready to take on the world.Strangio is at his best when exposing what appears to be a flourishing civil society in Cambodia.