All of the other CSS background- properties are connected with setting an image.CSS Syntax background: bg-color bg-image position/bg-size bg-repeat bg-origin bg-clip bg-attachment initialinherit; Note: If one of the properties in the shorthand declaration is the bg-size property, you must use a / (slash) to separate it from the bg-position property,.g.

The default is for the image to repeat both horizontally and vertically.This usually looks like this: body background-image: url path/to/g When using the url value, you have three choices: relative path based on the root domain of the CSS file begin with a slash as shown above relative path based on the immediate directory of the.The part of an image represented as being at maximum distance from the frontal plane.

Definition and Usage, the background property is a shorthand property for: It does not matter if one of the values above are missing,.g.But he did not have the work acted; it was sung in costume with a background of appropriate scenery.(in an electronic device for transmitting or receiving signals) the sum of the effects, as noise or random signals, from which a phenomenon must differentiate itself in character or degree in order to be detected.