A quarrel or unfriendly discussion.Bibliography edit Ahlfors, Lars (1979).

Fallacy, fallacy, in logic, erroneous reasoning that has the appearance of soundness.A variant of the last formula which avoids overflow is sometimes used in high precision computation: Arg(xiy)2arctan(x2y2xy)if y0,0if x 0 and y0,if x 0 and y0,undefinedif x0 and y0.displaystyle operatorname Arg (xiy)begincases2arctan left(frac sqrt x2y2-xyright) textif yneq 0,0 textif x 0text and y0,pi textif x 0text and y0,textundefined textif x0text and.endcases Identities edit One.

This represents an angle of up to half a complete circle from the positive real axis in either direction.It is arguable that he would have been better.