Full list bellow, for individual country maps follow the links World Facts Useful information on populations and more that are updated weekly.Significant economic and social gains have taken place over the last few years, with South Africa, Nigeria, Morocco and Egypt leading the way.This topo map clearly shows the flatness of the Sahara Desert, the depression that Lake Chad sits in, the high mountains of the Great Rift Valley, and it also highlights Lake Victoria, all but surrounded by mountains.

From the 16th to 19th century, an estimated 800,000.25 million people were taken captive as slaves.Historical African Map 1570 Beautifully designed the map represents a high mark of 16th-century mapmaking, it shows Africa in a recognizable shape, with a more pointed southern cape.

Map of Africa Prior to Colonization A map depicting Africa before colonization in 1812 by Arrowsmith and Lewis, printed in Boston by Thomas Andrews.By mid-century most of the continent was independent, with Angola finally free in 1975.No animal or plant life is indicated, but the oceans contain swordfish and a whale.