Confirm that youre putting the paper in the proper way, either face down or face.The frame is put out into daylight, requiring a minute or two under a bright sun, or about ten minutes under an overcast sky to complete the exposure.It was first largely displaced by the diazo whiteprint process, and later by large-format xerographic photocopiers.

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Mix the two liquids together, and pour them into a tray.Remove the protecting piece of paper and place an object on the surface.Place a piece of A4 paper onto the liquid in the tray, then lift the paper out of the tray by the two corners nearest to you.

1975, they replaced the older printing methods.In most computer-aided design of parts to be machined, paper is avoided altogether, and the finished design is an image on the computer display.In the early 1940s, cyanotype blueprint began to be supplanted by diazo prints, also known as whiteprints, which have blue lines on a white background; thus these drawings are also called blue-lines or bluelines.